Meet the Family

Evan (Dad)

RVIA Master Certified Technician, RV repair tech instructor,

and wrote a majority of the training manuals still used today. 

Although no longer with us, we carry on with his vision,

and strive to uphold his policy of

"We can fix that."  

The Team




Head Service Tech

Trained as an RVIA Master Certified Technician & Instructor

Ran Monaco Coach's Service Department

Now he's our 

Service and Repair Specialist.




The Boss

Ran final inspection of new units coming off the line for Coachman.

She now runs our office,

(and does enough 'good works' in our community to pretty much guarantee that we all get into Heaven...)




Service Tech

Started as a trouble-shooter for AL-KO,

a company that makes the axels

found under many trailers. He continued his RV repair training with dad, and

works with Mike as one of our techs.




Warranty  & Insurance

She's the only one in the family

that did not work in the RV industry

prior to All Certified RV;

but, she feels that her work

as an emergency and crisis operator

did prepare her for her job in claims.  

The Dogs

Let's face it, we may do all the work,

but everyone comes to see the dogs...



Marco is a three year old rescue greyhound. He adopted Judy about a year ago. Prefers chasing birds over chasing a rabbit.  


Security D'tail

Not much activity from the squirrels as of late; but, our pair of doves are making a daily appearance.

Check out our Facebook page for Crystal & Marco's latest photos & posts.



Crystal adopted Mike around eight years ago. Unable to race due to a birth defect, she served for several years as a racing companion. 

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and the best we can find in our travels is an honest friend." ~ Robert Lewis Stevenson